Our Apostolate


Our Apostolate is based on the request of the Blessed Virgin Mary to our Founder and Superior, Br Francis Mary FFBVM, when She asked that he start a Religious Order.  She wants us to Evangelize in neighbor hoods and Parishes, to seek out strayed and lost souls and bring them back to the  Loving arms of Christ and His Church.  She has also asked that we work with the sick, the poor, the homeless, the orphans and the terminally ill of all faiths or no faith.

Canon 673 states that the apostolate of all religious consists primarily in the witness of their consecrated life, which they are bound to foster through prayer and penance.  Canon 675 (1), states that Apostolic action is of the very nature of institutes dedicated to apostolic work.  (2) Apostolic action is always to proceed from intimate union with God, and is to confirm and foster this union.  Canon 677 (1), Superiors and members are faithfully to hold fast to the mission and works which are proper to their institute.  Canon 678 (2), In the exercise of an Apostolate towards persons outside the community, religious are also subject to their Superiors and must remain faithful to the discipline of the community.

Therefore, our Apostolate is to spread the word  of God, after the example of Jesus Christ.  This action is one of the most honorable, useful, exalted and divine duties in the Church.  It is the fulfillment of which  the Salvation of mankind largely depends.  Therefore, no Friar shall preach unless he has been examined and approved, as the Rule so desires, by the Superior General.  The permission to preach the word shall be conferred on those who foster and live a holy and exemplary life, clear and mature judgement, of strong and ardent will, because knowledge and eloquence without charity tend in no way to be edification, but often destruction.

Friars that are allowed to preach the Word of God, should do so following the example of the Apostle Saint Paul, let them preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 18:23), in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge of God.

Those who are to carry out the duties and responsibilities of caring for the sick, poor, homeless, orphans and especially the terminally ill, are to do so with the love and care of St Francis.  They are to show the utmost respect and dignity deserving of all of Gods children.  And finally show the love  of  Christ  in everything  we do for each of them.

Friars who are detached from this world find it sweet and charitable to die for the Love of Christ as He died on the Cross for the love of us.  Therefore, we ordain that during times of serious crisis the Friars shall serve the afflicted according to the regulations of their Minor Superiors and Guardians.  The Minor Superiors and Guardians shall always have the eye of prudent charity open to such occasions.

And finally we shall do anything and everything else that Our Blessed Mother may ask us to do and embrace all She has asked with Christian Love and desire to do Her Will and the Will of Christ.

As Religious,  we must show love and dignity to all, including each other, always in the SIMPLICITY OF ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI.